🌈🌈 Assembling Dapp - How to use?

🌈🌈 Assembling Dapp - How to use?

🧿To be able to put your NFT pieces to use, you will need Dapp Assembling to assemble the pieces into NFT Hero!
👉http://sumon.zukimoba.com/ (link will open at 3:00 on April 16 (UTC))

✅ Connect to Polygon mainnet
⭐️ Step 1️⃣: Visit the website on Dapp: https://sumon.zukimoba.com/
⭐️ Step 2️⃣: Connect your wallet
⭐️ Step 3️⃣: On the homepage you can select “Let’s start”
⭐️ Step 4️⃣: Choose the type of NFT Heroes you want to pair, there are 4 types: Normal, Ordinary, Rare and Very Rare.
⭐️ Step 5️⃣: Select 5 pieces of the same type, there is a ""Auto Select"" section for quick selection
⭐️ Step 6️⃣: If you have a lucky stone, you can use it to increase the success rate of NFT Heroes, you can choose a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 5 lucky stones for 1 synthesis
💥Lucky stones are divided into 4 types: Normal, Ordinary, Rare and Very Rare. Depending on the type of NFT Heroes you want to synthesize, you must use lucky stones of the same type
⭐️ Step 7️⃣: If you decide to merge, select “Generate” to conduct the synthesis (Generate fee: 50 ZUKI). Default success rate is 15% + (1% * lucky stone)
⭐️ Step 8️⃣: Confirm on your wallet
⭐️ Step 9️⃣: If successful, one of the Heroes of the type you selected will randomly be randomly generated. If you fail, you will be deducted 1 NFT fragment and 1 stone (if used).
⭐️ Step 🔟: If you want to continue splicing pieces, you can choose “Try again”

⏱ Zuki Moba Mainnet Game will be released at 3:00 April 16th (UTC)

☢️ Zuki Token (BSC) :
☢️ Zuki Token (Polygon) :  0x3Ec0f0F35164b433bf7E3408F797865D448935D9
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