🎉🎉CONGRATULATIONS! 10 Lucky Users On March 21 AMA 🎉🎉

🎉🎉CONGRATULATIONS! 10 Lucky Users On March 21 AMA 🎉🎉

🔰Recently, Zuki Moba has just held an AMA to answer questions from the community on March 21. These are 10 users who had 10 most interesting questions and were chosen to get our prize!

💦We have emailed the notification to winner's gmail address. Make sure no one misses this prize if they've been selected!

💸💸List 10 lucky winners:
1️⃣. [email protected]
2️⃣. [email protected]
3️⃣. [email protected]
4️⃣. [email protected]
5️⃣. [email protected]
6️⃣. [email protected]
7️⃣. [email protected]
8️⃣. [email protected]
9️⃣. [email protected]
🔟. [email protected]

💁For those who are not lucky this time, Zuki has even more interesting surprises for you in the future.

🌟Zuki Token: 0x3Ec0f0F35164b433bf7E3408F797865D448935D9
🌟ZP token: 0x985b61a18d1bc12e136aa285c74729495783fd62
🌟GP Token: 0x9ed64a7cd17ca9e166b088616703badbb26e62e5
🌟NFTs: 0x944E2babD5194EC57AA3aD38F7528B4812453D04

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