☄️☄️Get Ready for Zuki Moba Shop Round 3☄️☄️

☄️☄️Get Ready for Zuki Moba Shop Round 3☄️☄️

🔅Have you got enough ZPs to participate in the Zuki Shop Round 3 tomorrow?

▶️How to get ZPs? => Create LPs and start farming with Zuki Moba now:
👉🏻Use ZUKI and BUSD/BNB/USDT pairs to add liquidity at https://pancakeswap.finance/liquidity to create LPs.
👉🏻 Use 1 of these 3 LPs to start farming at https://farm-lp.zukimoba.com
👉🏻 Reward depends on total reward and weight of each participant’s LPs ( reward is paid in ZP)

✨ZP is non-transferable and can only be used to buy Lucky Chests - opening a Lucky Chest to get 1 NFT Piece (100%) and a big surprise if you are really lucky.

😊Let's experience together!

🔰Trade ZUKI Token here: https://poocoin.app/tokens/0xe81257d932280ae440b17afc5f07c8a110d21432
🔰 ZPs Token Contract: 0x65b8a6354c13435ad2334577c142c1c8e37f7941

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