✅Have you visited our Zuki Shop?

✅Have you visited our Zuki Shop?

📌This time, we open Zuki Shop for buying Lucky Chest only
You will need ZPs Token for payment

Anddd, how to get ZPs Token?
-> Join Farming now

🕑Event Time:  5:00 UTC, Dec 15 - 5:00 UTC, Dec 22
Add liquidity at https://pancakeswap.finance/liquidity with ZUKI&BNB -> Get LPs Token
Start farming at https://farm.zukimoba.com with LPs Token -> Get ZP Token
👉Use ZP Token to buy Lucky Chest at https://shop.zukimoba.com/zp

📌If you got any users problems Farming. Please fill out this form : https://beurl.app/hRLzRd. 
Your feedback - We listen

👉Trade ZUKI Token here:
👉Contract token 0xE81257d932280AE440B17AFc5f07C8A110D21432

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