✅ So the Mainnet Game version of Zuki Moba was officially released. Zuki Moba team put 100% effort and enthusiasm to prepare for this launch with a series of events:
🔺  Airdrop ""LAUNCH GAME MAINNET, LAUNCH YOUR HERO"" with 10,000 NFT gifts for the community
🔺 Talkshow ""GAMEFI -THE REVOLUTION IN GAMING INDUSTRY"" with the participation of 4 famous speakers in the GameFi 
🔺 Reopen 4 Dapps for community to trade
🔺 Organize 2 attractive events in the Game to attract players to receive x2 rewards
🔺 Airdrop Zuki (Polygon) to users who own NFT Hero or NFT pieces

✅ And our efforts have been rewarded by the acceptance of a large number of communities. Let's see the highest numbers recorded on the system!
⭐️ Total number of game downloads all versions: 4690
⭐️ Total download new version: 1090
⭐️ Log-in accounts (daily): 386
⭐️ Log-in accounts at the same time (daily): 50
⭐️ Number of matches (daily): 920
⭐️ Total GP earned in April 21st: 61,725   GP

💞 Thank you very much to the community for accompanying us, tet's look forward to the explosion of Zuki Moba in the near future. And don't forget to support Zuki Moba by downloading and experiencing the game: https://t.me/ZukiMoba/1496

📪Zuki Token (BSC) :
📪Zuki Token (Polygon) :  0x3Ec0f0F35164b433bf7E3408F797865D448935D9
📪NFTs (Polygon) : 

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