Dear Zuki Moba Community,

🎈Based on the transaction situation and community feedback during the launch of Dapps on Testnet and Mainnet, as well as towards upgrading and optimizing the long-term benefits of the community, Zuki Moba team has decided intend to carry out a BIG SOLUTION to comprehensively and radically change this problem.

⭐️Upcoming, we will migrate the entire Game and Dapps network, as well as NFTs and ZUKI Tokens, ZP Tokens from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to the Polygon (MATIC) network. We decided to transform to the Polygon network because of its preeminent features such as faster transactions, more cost savings and security,and Polygon has been one of our strategic partners from earliest days. Polygon team has supported and advised us a lot in the process of carrying out the transformation.

🔰Therefore, the Zuki Moba team has some detailed announcements as follows:
1️⃣Suspend all transactions on Dapps from 15:00 UTC on February 27, 2022, including: Marketplace, Auction, My NFTs.
2️⃣The community will receive new NFTs on the Polygon network (corresponding to the old NFTs) at 07:00 UTC on March 21, 2022, after the transition, all old NFTs on the BSC network will be disabled .
3️⃣ZUKI Token will still be maintained mainly on BSC network when trading on exchanges and will not be affected, you need to convert ZUKI (BSC) to ZUKI (Polygon) when you trade in Zuki Moba's ecosystem.
We will soon launch a new Application to support the community to convert ZUKI Token and ZP Token from BSC to Polygon network, and also support the conversion fee.
4️⃣Farming Dapp activities still take place normally.

⛱Thus, except for activities on Dapps which will be suspended, other activities on trading NFTs, ZUKI Token, Farming and playing games on Testnet will still take place normally.
We want to announce these information and schedule to the community, so that you can grasp and work with us to make the transition as quickly and smoothly as possible.

⚛️Currently, Game Zuki Moba on Mainnet has been ready. Game will be gone live after transforming to Polygon network.
Zuki Moba team decided to make the Big Update now because we want the community to be able to transact on Dapps and play games in the fastest, most cost-effective, and best experience since Mainnet launching.
Details of each milestone will be informed to you soon.

☘️Therefore, you don't need to worry, your assets will still be safe totally. And follow our instructions as needed to help us complete the Big Update as quickly as possible.

🙆Zuki Moba team sincerely thanks our beloved partners and the community for always understanding and accompanying us during the past time.
The new milestones coming up will be amazing and worth looking forward to.
Please continue to accompany us.

Best regards,
Zuki Moba Team
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