🏆[Rewards Calculation] DAILY REWARDS🏆

🏆[Rewards Calculation] DAILY REWARDS🏆

Daily Reward

Dear Heroes,
💁Have you heard?

📌During our Testnet, there are rewards for you for simply playing the game!

💡Today, let's learn about Daily Rewards, shall we?

🤺After each battle, besides getting EXP to level up, you will receive a certain amount of GP depending on the rank in the match.

💸That means the better your performance in the game, the higher rank you get, the more GP you receive!

🔰However, to prevent users from playing games too much and neglecting their life, there will be a limit on the number of rewards according to the number of matches per day!

🏀From match 1 to game 10: Get 100% GP rewards based on Rank
🏀From match 11 to game 20: Get 50% GP rewards based on Rank
🏀 From match 21 onwards: Receive 0% GP Reward based on Rank

⭐️That means ideally if you want to maximize the rewards, you should play around 20 matches per day, because from the match 21st there won't be any daily reards for you!

🐬That's all for the Daily rewards!
🔥Next time, let's learn about the score you can get in each Rank in each match!

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