🤼[Rewards Calculation] RANKS IN MATCHES🤼

🤼[Rewards Calculation] RANKS IN MATCHES🤼


Dear Heroes,
🔑Yesterday, we talked about the Daily Rewards for the number of matches you play every day, right?

🔑Today, let's learn about how ranks in each match affect your rewards!

✈️In each match, there will be multiplayer who participate in and compete to win.
💦The system will base on their performance to calculate how well each player is doing in the match, hence giving the ranking at the end of each match.

🏆The higher your rank, the more rewards you get!

🎁Above is the estimated rewards you can get each day based on your rank!

👏And remember, from the 11th to 20th matches, your rewards will only be 50%, while from the 21st match onwards, there won't be any rewards!

📌Next time, onto the Monthly Ranking!

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