🧨🧨[Tips for Beginners] POPULAR MOBA GAMES🧨🧨

🧨🧨[Tips for Beginners] POPULAR MOBA GAMES🧨🧨


⭐️Today, let's take a look at some popular games that once you talk about MOBA, there's no way you won't mention about them!

1️⃣League of Legends
Riot Games as a studio has been increasing in popularity ever since the release of League of Legends back in 2009. It was, and still is, the first entry into the MOBA genre for hundreds of thousands of players. Its vibrant cast of characters and their flashy skins always made it stand out, along with the cartoon-like art style that joins everything else together.
2️⃣DOTA 2
DOTA 2 is now a Valve game, and has been maintained and grown over the years. It offers a rather strict experience that isn’t as welcoming to new players as others on this list, but what it offers hasn't been matched to this day. Ask anyone who plays DOTA 2 and they will likely tell you about their thousand hours put into the game over the years.
3️⃣Heroes of the Storm
Blizzard released Heroes of the Storm back in 2015, creating a multiverse of sorts where some of the most iconic characters across franchises like Diablo, Starcraft and Overwatch joined forces together, and battled in all sorts of familiar maps and arenas completing objectives.
4️⃣Arena of Valor
Tencent Games’ Arena of Valor is one of the most popular MOBA games on mobile, and for a reason. it focuses on delivering a polished experience for touch screens, as well as making the best use of the Joy-Cons on Switch. You can expect both 5v5 and 3v3 matches, as well as a long list of champions to choose from.
Essences of a MOBA game is definitely there, but the key difference is that you’re commanding champions from a third-person perspective. Each encounter with the enemy team feels visceral and tangible, and the extensive and varied list of abilities and powers to use in the battlefield make for some interesting battles and synergies to try out.

🏅🏅Is there any game that you've tried and played?
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