☄️☄️[Tips for Beginners] WELL-KNOWN E-SPORT TOURNAMENTS☄️☄️

☄️☄️[Tips for Beginners] WELL-KNOWN E-SPORT TOURNAMENTS☄️☄️

Hello heroes!
💮With the great development of the E-sport industry, thousands of large and small-scale tournaments for each game are also held all over the world in the couple of past years.

🧨These are great events, full of excitement for the community of these franchises and even fans who love to enjoy the intense battles of minds.

🏙Through these events, players will have the opportunity to practice their skills, strategize and coordinate with teammates to have the best performance to win. Although the prizes of these tournaments are not small, most of the contestants participate in the competition because of the martial spirit, want to train themselves or to make their way of becoming professional gamers through the community's attention.

🏆Let's take a look at some notable tournaments:
🎈The International (DOTA 2): the prestigious tournament with huge prize money that has gone through 9 seasons
🎈The World Championship (League of Legends): the most attractive annual tournament on the planet for many years with an audience that far exceeds even the Superbowl - the largest rugby tournament in the United States.
🎈Fortnite World Cup (Fornite): a tournament for the Battle Royale game genre, one of the largest-scale events in the world with 40 million participants competing.
🎈PUBG Global Championship: the last time took place in November 2020 with the participation of 32 strongest teams in the world; including the presence of the Vietnamese representative - Divine eSports, also is one of the 15 biggest eSports tournaments at the moment.

💁Do you feel excited?
✈️✈️In the future, the Zuki Moba team will also cooperate with major Game Guilds in the region to create tournaments to help connect and develop the Zuki Moba community more.
Please look forward to it!
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