🏟️🏟️[Tips for Beginners] WHAT MAKES MOBA GAMES SPECIAL🏟️🏟️

🏟️🏟️[Tips for Beginners] WHAT MAKES MOBA GAMES SPECIAL🏟️🏟️

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🪂MOBA games are popular for the same reason sports are popular.People always crave competition.The most popular competitive games & sports always tend to be the ones where player skill & execution is key

✊MOBA games, as well as other e-sport games like RTS and Fighting games, are perfectly comparable to traditional sports, in the sense that there’s a high barrier to entry in terms of the skill required to play the games on a competitive level. The difference is that unlike traditional sports, e-sports are not a test of physical strength, but instead more of a test of mental prowess. E-sports do,however,still require speed,dexterity,precision,though,just like you would in traditional sports

💞It feels good to accomplish these things in a competitive setting after practicing so much, and it’s exciting to watch somebody accomplish these things,even if you can’t do them yourself. This alone has made MOBA games become so thrilling and popular,for both players and spectators

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