✈️✈️Wow! HEROes, buckle up! We are starting to take off. ✈️✈️

✈️✈️Wow! HEROes, buckle up! We are starting to take off. ✈️✈️


🔔After the Kickstarter voting has reached the set target, MEXC Global is listed our project. Zuki Moba is officially listed on MEXC

🔥MEXC is a leading reputable centralized exchange (CEX exchange) that offers a wide range of safe, diverse products with extremely high performance. The team is made up of core members with special experience in the field of finance and Blockchain technology from world-class companies.

🔰Zuki Moba is extremely honored to be listed on MEXC Global Exchange and Trading time is 6 UTC 13 Jan (13h UTC+7). This is an opportunity for us to reach a larger number of Traders & Holders.

🙆Thanks for your support. Stay tuned for our latest news!
Hold tight and enjoy the coming revolution!
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